Prehistosite of Brassempouy

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Hotel Aux Tauzins is just 15 minutes from the prehistosite of Brassempouy, an archaeological pearl nestled in the southwest of France. This site is particularly renowned for the discovery of the "Lady with the Hood", one of the oldest representations of a human face in Europe, dating back almost 25,000 years.

By visiting the prehistosite, travelers are transported back in time, to meet the first inhabitants of the region. The Archéoparc museum presents an impressive collection of prehistoric objects, offering a fascinating insight into the daily lives of our ancestors. Educational workshops are organized there, allowing visitors to learn about Stone Age techniques, such as flint knapping or making cave paintings.

The prehistoric gardens surrounding the site add to the immersive experience, with reconstructions of prehistoric habitats. A visit to Brassempouy is not only a trip into the past, but also a fantastic history lesson, just a stone's throw from the Aux Tauzins hotel.